A healthy diet is based on the right choices

The source and quality of what we eat is paramount: we must choose eating natural and nutritious foods. To take care of our health, it is essential to actively get involved with what we eat.

A balanced diet implies much more than guaranteeing the health of our body: it means facilitating multiple processes associated with the distinct stages of life. Eating meat is especially beneficial four our health given the variety of necessary nutrients it provides us.

The way we cook matters

Our habits, traditions, and cuisine present us with diverse ways of cooking our food. Below, we share recommendations to take the best of our meats.

For everything they want to achieve, iron in the first 1000 days

The first one thousand days, between conception and the age of 2 years old, determine the rest of a child’s life. Therefore, it is essential that babies and children receive the nutrients required for a healthy development of their body. One of these nutrients is iron, which is essential for growth, neurodevelopment, and a strong immune system.

Iron is present in all meats, but the one in red meat is best absorbed. During pregnancy, the mother should eat at least 100 grams of meat per day (beef, sheep meat, pork or poultry).

It is critical to focus on this nutrient because iron deficiency affects cognitive development occurring during childhood and adolescence and alters immune mechanisms.

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