International Iron Week


From August 28 to September 3, during the International Iron Week, INAC and Carnes del Uruguay disseminated relevant information on the importance of good nutrition stemming from current research they are supporting.

An interdisciplinary team of physicians, neonatologists, obstetricians, laboratorians, and nutritionists at the Pereira Rossell Hospital Center are investigating the relationship between meat consumption during pregnancy and iron metabolism in the newborn. This research has contributed to define the importance of iron in the child’s first years of life and its importance in neurological and psychomotor development. 

Iron is essential for growth and the development of both the nervous and the immune system.

Iron deficiency in the child has proven direct effects on the incidence of anemia in infancy and child development.

According to studies, iron deficiency is associated with lower meat consumption during pregnancy.Read here the first research “Relationship between beef consumption during pregnancy and umbilical cord ferritin levels” in PDF. The results of the second research will be published soon.