Uruguayan Meat joined the event in Japan 


The “Supermarkets Trade Show”, a multi-product exhibition organized by the Japanese supermarkets’ association, was held in Chiba, Japan, from February 13 to 17. INAC participated for the first time with a 36-square-meter stand. 

The organizers of the event estimate that there were more than 1,600 exhibitors from the local retail sector. 

Japan represents 9% of world beef imports by value, being the third largest importer. 

Our country seeks to valorize niche products in this market, now that it has opened sanitary conditions. There is clearly an opportunity to improve access. 

Recently, in November 2022, Uruguay got the authorization to export tongue to Japan; the economic impact of such an achievement is estimated in approximately US$ 15 to 25 million per year. 

Precisely, clients have shown interest in doing business with this product that is highly valued in the country, as well as with Uruguayan cuts and other meat products. 

Although this was its first time at the trade show, INAC had been actively working to enhance this destination together with our country’s diplomatic representation since 2019. The delegation present included the Uruguayan Ambassador and Consul in Japan, Victoria Francolino and Maximiliano Da Silva, the Embassy’s economic advisor, Victoria Garay, and INAC’s marketing team, Cecilia Juarez and Leonardo Riva.