Uruguay promotes its meats in the Rugby World Cup


INAC supports the Teros, the Uruguayan national rugby team, by supplying them with Uruguayan meat during the World Cup in France.

The farewell ceremony of the Teros to the World Cup was held on August 30 and was attended by the National Sports Secretary, Sebastián Bauzá and Undersecretary, Pablo Ferrari; the President of the National Meat Institute (INAC), Conrado Ferber and the Marketing Manager Josefina Valenti; the CEO of Uruguay XXI, Sebastián Risso; the President of the Frrench-Uruguayan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Matías Saiz, and authorities of the Uruguayan Rugby Union.

Bauzá declared that “Uruguayan meat will accompany our national delegation, as has historically been the tradition”. Furthermore, he highlighted that France is an interesting market to boost the product. “Sport and eating good Uruguayan meat is going to be beneficial for this event,” he declared.

Meanwhile, Risso said that the presence of Uruguayan athletes abroad is a good opportunity to position Uruguay. Hence, he mentioned the event organized to promote our meats on September 12 during the world championship in Paris. “France is an important market for our country,” he said, and added that there are more than 120 firms from that northern nation installed in Uruguay.”

In the same line, Ferber emphasized that the event had been attended by “top level European” businesspeople, who are also opinion leaders. In his view, it is necessary to work with clients, and he added that “the high quality of our meats should be known”.

The event was attended by President Luis Lacalle Pou and about 160 guests, including Uruguayan authorities, French businesspeople and sports personalities. Guests were offered Uruguayan beef, including Uruguayan-style Spencer roll. The tasting was in charge of INAC and chef Tomás Bartesaghi, who was sent especially for the occasion.

Ferber also mentioned the relationship between rugby players and protein-based food. “Part of our objective is to highlight the importance of good nutrition for an athlete,” Ferber assured, adding that Uruguayan meats will be available on the athletes’ menu during their performance in the Rugby World Championship.