Renewed presence of INAC at ExpoPrado 2023


INAC was present at Expo Prado with a renovated 360 square meter stand located in front of the arena, inspired by our connection with our countryside and its production.The core of INAC’s booth was designed to welcome visitors with a rich immersive experience that transported them to the origin of our countryside, its products and its people.Every day, in an open esplanade in front of the arena, a team of top chefs gave cuisine demonstrations. Lucía Soria, Sebastián Manito, Marcelo Bornio, Nacho Lacava and Sebastián Barcos worked with various cuts of different species, and every evening we celebrated around meat with live music.Our booth received 6 awards from ARU, which were the 2nd Grand Prix and the 1st prizes for creativity, innovation and technology, entities and organizations, and outdoor space, and the 2nd prize for the facade.Furthermore, INAC held lectures to exchange ideas and understand the challenges facing the beef industry and the role of meat in the well-being of people and our planet. 

It all started with the lecture “Challenging the anti-meat narrative: the vital role of livestock for human and planetary health”, given by the American nutritionist Diana Rodgers, a meat advocate dedicated to providing resources to producers in different countries to defend livestock production and the use of meat as food. Another day, the Institute organized a discussion on “Growth-driving food”; people with different points of view met to discuss the essential role meat plays in feeding people and in life overall. The meeting was attended by Olympic athlete Alfonsina Maldonado, Neonatologist Helena Sobrero of the Pereira Rossell Hospital and Registered Nutritionist Cecilia Betolaza, moderated by TV host María García.